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Tuesday, March 07, 2017
By Dan Frievalt M. Photog, CR.
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I'm finally getting caught up from my speaking event at SYNC where I gave a keynote presentation on how to stand out and market to High School Seniors to over 500 eager to learn photographers. On my Birthday no less! It definitely was a thrilling event.
In my presentation, one of the many things I spoke about was how to "Be the Red Apple." The Red Apple is my take on an excellent book, The Purple Cow by Seth Godin. The basic premise is to look around and do something different to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.
While I was driving around the convention complex, I noticed the speed limit signs. Instead of 25, they were 23. This simple change in numbers made them stand out. I thought to myself...that is a Red Apple in full effect!
If a speed limit sign that we see every day can stand out by simply changing from 25 to 23, then there is no excuse for us as photographers to easily create art that is different, commands attention and catches the eye of prospective clients!
Take a moment to look at your photography and the photography of others in your market. Is your photography is any different than others around you? How can you make simple changes to what you do to be different and stand out? The changes you make don't have to be drastic, one or two changes can go a long way.
Once you make those changes, you will not only stand out, but you will notice that your orders will increase and your client base will treat you as an artist. Your clients will gladly pay whatever you charge because only you can supply them with that style. Unlike if you are doing the same thing as everyone else in your area, then people will always choose the lower price.
What changes can you make today Be the Red Apple?
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Tawnyae - I work with the local junior class after prom committee and help them raise money for their prom. We host a prom dress consignment sale. I then have the girls who want to sell the dresses come in and do a free photo session of the dresses they are selling. Then I promote the photographs on social media to direct traffic to their Dress Event sale. Facebook page is TheDressEvent. Check it out.! I am hoping to do more in the community to stand out.