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Color Harmony for Photography
Friday, December 22, 2017
Color Harmony for Photography

Color Harmony in Photography One of the most important parts of creating dynamic and truly breathtaking images is using color harmony. Using complementary or opposite colors from the color wheel can help make your images pop. That's because when two complementary colors are paired together, they each make the other stand out. The most common example of this is yellow and blue. Although yellow and blue do not have a whole lot in common, together, they are capable of creating powerful images by making various elements within pictures come to life. Colors And Emotion Different colors are also believed to evoke different emotions. This is why some of the biggest and most powerful ...

Outsourcing For A Better Business And A Better Life
Monday, May 08, 2017
Color Harmony for Photography

Outsourcing For A Better Business And A Better Life Running an ordinary business is not easy. Running a successful photography business is without a doubt even more challenging as it requires you to sacrifice not only capital resources but also your time, presence and energy. Whether you run a part-time or full-time photography business, the amount of effort required is bound to take a toll on you and those around you including family and friends. So how do you achieve and maintain business success without compromising on your other interests and priorities? The answer is simple; outsourcing.  Smart Outsourcing: Different sites and literature sources give different ...