"Dan thanks so much for opening up my sport portraiture to a whole new level! I have recently upped my game with these montages to give me a whole new level of awesomeness! Coming from someone who has never used a blending mode in her life your step by step Montage program made it so easy to accomplish! The many ideas are rambling through my head! The buzz has been tremendous!"  Sue Colburn Kamman

"Dan has always been on the cutting edge of Imaging, his passion to teach and help others is next to non! Dan's products are so awesome and have pushed my creativity to the next level." Ryan Tortorelli

"Thank you again, Dan, for all your sharing and giving. You are a fabulous instructor, motivator and inspiration." Laura

"Lisa and I have attended numerous photography events over the past 8 years. Dan is one of our favorite industry educators and professionals. He is among the most creative and generous photographers we have met and always takes the time to ensure every person's question gets answered."  Darren & Lisa Thompson

"When I heard Dan speak about Create Your Own Collection Pricing I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical. I was so impressed by his studio's success that I had to buy the DVD. What's awesome about the DVD is it's just not a bunch of templates and he leaves you to figure it out on your own. He has instructional videos that walks you through every step of the way. It definitely paid off for me, my averages are up $500 in my senior and family sales by changing to Create Your Own Collection pricing."  Darci Amundson

"Just had another big sale "for me" and Mom still isn't done..............we are at $1500 for now, she didn't bat an eye, once again, that slideshow did it......."I have to have that"……….........big shout out to Dan Frievalt, without his classes and help, I wouldn't have accomplished this!"  Cindy Teter

"Just wanted to thank you again for selling your senior pricing!! My sales have for sure increased. I of course changed the pricing a little, but my avg sale is up about $500-$600 dollars from last year!! YOU ROCK!!! Avg sale is now about $1400"  Shanna McGuffin Simpson

"Mentoring with Dan was essential in getting me to the next level in my business. Not only did my business change, but so did the belief in myself, as well as my outlook as a professional photographer. Within 3 calls with Dan, I constructed a business plan, obtained an operating note, leased my first retail space, and gave my 2 week notice in my other profession. I always felt like these things were so grand and far out there that they were nearly unattainable. Talking with Dan, sharing my concerns, and asking a LOT of questions was the turning point for me. He was very open and honest about how he started, illustrated the similarities in our paths, and helped encourage systems he thought could help me. Dan is as real as they come in my opinion. Not only did he share his successful ideas, but also the unsuccessful ones to help save me some time and headache. My expectations were exceeded beyond what I had imagined." Ted Sandeen

"I have been working on my shooting style a lot after being around you and my images have gotten a lot better!! I have gotten a lot more comfortable with my Mark lll after your workshop too!! Score!! Thank you!!" Tana Ridle